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Executive MBA Distance Mode | Correspondence MBA

About Executive MBA :-

The One year Distance Learning Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree being conducted by the UGC Approved University, This Distance Learning Executive MBA has been designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of human resource development, marketing, finance, production and operations, international business, retail management, information technology and systems, insurance, intellectual property rights, green business and technology management, disaster management, environmental management etc.

ELIGIBILITY : Graduation with minimum three years of Experience.

DURATION : 1 Years


1. MBA (Human Resource Management)           2. MBA (Marketing Management)
3. MBA (Financial Management)                        4. MBA (Information Technology & Systems)
5. MBA (Environmental Management)               6. MBA (NGO Management)
7. MBA (Entrepreneurship Development)          8. MBA (Biotechnology)
9. MBA (Nanotechnology)                                   10. MBA (Bioinformatics)
11. MBA (Health Care and Hospital Admn.)     12. MBA (Medicinal Plants)
13. MBA (Intellectual Property Rights)              14. MBA (Global Peace and Security)
15. MBA (Disarmament Studies)                         16. MBA (Total Quality Management)
17. MBA (Geoinformatics)                                     18. MBA (Ecotourism)
19. MBA (Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Mgt.) 20. MBA (Disaster Management)
21. MBA (Media Management)                            22. MBA (Insurance Business)
23. MBA (Retail Management)                            24. MBA (Criminology)
25. MBA (Forensic Science)                                  26. MBA (Geriatric Care)
27. MBA (Sustainable Development)                 28. MBA (Pollution Control)
29. MBA (Real Estate Management)                  30. MBA (Green Business)
31. MBA (Educational Management)                  32. MBA (Institutional Management)
33. MBA (Behavioural Science)                        34. MBA (Fashion Design, Technology and Mgt.)
35. MBA (Production and Operations Mgt.)    36. MBA (Materials Management)
37. MBA (Police Administration)                        38. MBA (Organic Farming)
39. MBA (Habitat and Population Studies)     40. MBA (Climate Change Management)
41. MBA (Green Technology)                                42. MBA (Good Governance)
43. MBA (Planning and Development)              44. MBA (Rural Development)
45. MBA (Women’s Empowerment)                   46. MBA (Child Care Management)
47. MBA (Foreign Trade Management)             48. MBA (Mental Health Management)
49. MBA (Tribal Development)                            50. MBA (Social Work Management)
51. MBA (Cooperative Management)

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