Subharti University MCA Distance Learning

Master of computer Application is the courses of 3 years or 2 years courses. It is 6 semester courses and one semester 6 month courses. The courses cover all the topics of the material and gives training to the all students. The Distance Learning course is a tool for the more flexible kind of education. It is so popular method of quality education including higher education.

Offers 3 years of MCA in Distance Learning mode

Course is affiliated from Subharti University

Divided into 6 semesters

MCA course is designed to provide knowledge of computer science


This program is conceptualized and designed based on the strong words of the field to provide top quality education to the students. The principal objectives of this course are to:
• Height techncal awareness
• Train future industry special
• Encourage effective software development
• Provide professional training
• Involve students in innovative research
• graduates with a three-year professional education in Computer Science with technical, professional,   and communications skills.

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